recording title
Riddle Music is not just a recording studio. As any student of the recording
industry is aware, great records usually come about as the result of a marriage
of the creative talents of the recording artist(s), an experienced producer and
talented recording engineer. All of these aspects are available here at
Riddle Music.

Owner and operator, Mike Riddle has been
a professional musician for twenty five years.
He earned a Bachelors Degree in music from
City College and was a student at the Davis
Center for Performing Arts. Upon graduation
Mike received the prestigious Sidney Zolat
award for excellence in performance, composition 
and academics. He has worked with well known
artists, as a studio musician, producer, arranger,
programmer and performer.

In addition to offering a full spectrum of studio musicians,
we are proud to announce that Tony Ungaro is now
affiliated with the studio and is offering his services,
at a very reasonable rate, for those discerning clients who
are looking for that edge over the competition. In addition
to his lofty credentials, Tony is a great guy to work with,
which makes a great difference in the vibe of the sessions.

Tony's credits include: engineering for Joe Jackson, Patty Smyth,
Marshall Crenshaw,
just to name a few. He has worked for various major
record labels and is an expert drum tech. By the way, if your vintage guitar
amps need restoration, Tony is the man for the job.
Mike Riddle offers his studio musicianship (playing multiple instruments,
arranging and producing) at reasonable rates. You don't need to be in
a band to sound like a band.
Ask about our design services for your CD's, web site, posters, T-shirts,
stickers, or any other promotional or merchandizing need.
Yamaha O3D 24 Channel Digital Mixing Console
    (fully automated mix)
Mackie CR1604 16 Channel Mixer
Pro Tools Mix Plus (24bit) 32 track system
Logic Audio
    (seamlessly combining midi and Audio recording)
Jam Software
    (Red Book CD Mastering Software)
Power Macintosh G4 Computer System
Opcode Studio 64 XTC Interface
    (SIMPTE-MIDI-Time Clock, Word Clock)
Yamaha CD Burner
Tascam TSR 8 Analog Tape Recorder
Tascam DA 40 DAT Mastering Deck
Onkyo Integra Dual Cassette Recorder
Akai S950 Sampler
Akai S2000 Sampler
    (32 meg. memory)
Huge Sound Library
    (Orchestral to Hip Hop)

Alesis QS8
    (full 88 key digital piano and synthesizer)
Korg M1
Yamaha DX7
Casio CZ 1000

Neuman TLM 170
AKG D112
AKG C 3000 (pair)
Shure SM 57s and SM 58s

Outboard Gear:
TC Electronics Fireworx
Aphex Aural Exciter
DBX Sub Harmonic Synthesizer
Art Pro MPA Tube Pre Amp
Alesis 3630 Dual Channel Compressor/Limiter
Art Pro Gate
Yamaha REX 50
24 Channels of Compression, Parametric EQ
and Effects with Yamaha O3D
Logic Audio Effects plug-ins and TDM plug-ins
Joe Meek SC2.2 stereo compressor
4 Neve 1272 Mic Pres
Vintage Equipment:
1971 Marshall Super Lead 100W
Pre CBS Fender Bassman
Fender Champ
Ludwig Drum Kit